OHM Electric Mobility in Latin America, Brazil

Speaking, studying and investing in the electric mobility market in Brazil and Latin America can be a great “madness” and challenge, especially for executives and entrepreneurs, who take into account Brazil that is far behind technologically more developed countries such as the United States United States, Europe and China.

“Seeing beyond the curve” is the goal of most entrepreneurs, to be always ahead is what moves us in search of an adequate solution to the users’ “pains”, to have a better, sustainable and economic life. The process of electrification in Brazil is going slowly, our country is still engaged in the electrification of its fleet, but gradually the presence is increasing. Brazil, which is the country of the most varied types of fuels, is gasoline, ethanol, diesel and gas, with several prices, has a constant concern related to the emission of pollutants, following in the process focused on the consumption economy. The automakers have already begun to realize this opportunity, now what is lacking are better conditions and benefits for the consumer to acquire, after all the measures of Route 2030 will not be enough.

Brazil is the country of creativity to solve problems related to consumption and increase of fuel values. It has many aspects such as: adapted gas car fever, the new era of the adapted “electric” fusca, that is, when the industry takes time to take action, the solution ends up being in the consumer’s own hand. This is a clear indication that the behavioral research on the purchase of electric cars in Brazil and in the world is not wrong, we want to have another option to keep our car economically, along with the concern related to sustainability, with the issue less polluting gas.

To develop OHM is to get ahead of what is to come, a market that already gives clear indications that it will grow exponentially, like what is already happening outside Brazil. When that happens we will be prepared with the best charging solutions for electric cars. In the next pages you can understand the great opportunity that will be the process of electrification of mobility in Brazil, aligned with digital services and sales solutions. In this way, OHM will collaborate with these consumers and customers in the process of electrification of their urban mobility.

Global Electric Mobility Cars

The global market for electric vehicle charging infrastructure is expected to reach $45.59 billion by 2025, according to a new report from Grand View Research, Inc.

Governments around the world are committed to encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles, this was no different in Brazil with the approval of Route 2030, even if it still suffers from the market for directly competing fuels, such as gasoline, ethanol, diesel and gas, companies that have large investment in structure in the country, a market led by Ipiranga, Raizen and BR (ANP, 2018).

Brazilian Market Electric Cars

In the research developed by IPSOS called The Future of Mobility Electrification, it brought a very common behavior among the potential consumers who will use the electric car, but that today use car combustion.

Most people surveyed, have a clear perception of high fuel prices, aligned with concern about the emission of pollutants, are two aspects that are even more evident in countries like China and Brazil, one of the crucial behaviors to sustain a business connected to the category of electric charging station in Brazil.


• Men and women
• Class A, B
• Electric car users •Age between 21 – 60 years
• State of SP
• Individual who wants to recharge your car or buy an electric charger.

• Men and women
• Class A, B, C
• Small and large businesses, supermarkets, parking lots, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations and convenience.
• Age between 21 – 60 years
State of SP
• Legal person interested in offering convenience to their customers who want to charge their car while they shop at their establishment.

Competitors Services

Ohm has direct competitors with a business model, but still with a presence focused abroad. All operate with a complete electric charging business model, but with a different monetization model from one another.

Competitors Products

OHM has direct competitors in relation to electric charger products in Brazil, but with price difference greater than 65%, compared to OHM.

Value Preposition Ohm Electric Mobility

Ohm is a transformative and innovative service platform that aims to improve the experience of electric car users, with the process of charging and managing the power of your car, whether at home or abroad. We identified a business opportunity where today in Brazil and Latin America, it is very difficult to have and maintain an electric car, mainly for the structure of loading the cars in public or commercial roads, this fact second research of Ipsos, brings the greatest insecurity for purchase of an electric car, it is in this “pain” that we will act.

Revenue Propose

Ohm’s revenue and monetization model will be focused on two operations, the user will be willing to pay for the service and convenience of charging electric cars, in which the charge will be made directly to the user for the consumption of each minute of the electric energy through of the equipment, per-minute value will be 0.24 cents, for an average consumption of 40 minutes at 80% battery. All payment transactions will be made by the application through the application’s internal payment gateway. The price of the service and loading was defined with the price parameter of our main competitor, EDP do Brasil. In addition to the sales of the chargers by e-commerce, value of chargers for R$ 3,775.00.

How it Works

Our recharging services work separately or together – and fit all business models. Through continuous R&D, we can already use EVs as equilibrium elements in the energy system.

Service and Benefits

  • Find recharge points near a location where you are or along a specific route; quickly and easily.
  • Check the availability of the recharge point in real time; so you will not waste time attending at a place you are using, wasting your time.
  • It may include comments, photos and check-in; this will collaborate with the whole group.
  • As each car model has its Plug model to load, you can do a specific search for your car model by sharing and using the information with people of the same interest.
  • It will be the first application with its own recharging units, improving the recharging experience, usually takes 50 minutes to fully charge.
  • When waiting for the recharge, take advantage of the benefits and discounts that we will offer in the proximity of the station, in this way you make the best use of your time (discount at stations, restaurants, gym).
  • Quickly and easily purchase your own electric charger.


OHM Electric Chargers 22KW
Unique in the world with differentiated product design. Unique with illustrations by artists, focused on sustainability, Easy to install and use with internet connection and RFID system.

Value:   R$ 3,775.00 *USD 1.020,00


We will begin the MVP by separating in crucial stages for the development of the OHM product and service. Taking into account that the main objective is the delivery of value to the user who seeks comfort and agility, who want to find and hire the service of charging for their electric car or buy their own charger, we will develop the application with the main functionalities that meet these needs objectively with quality.

Prioritization matrix

With the prioritizations we will really validate if the problem exists, what the user behavior, especially if they would pay for the charging service, or if they would buy an OHM brand charger. See the priority map developed to identify the stages of application development in Figure 17 – OHM Priority Matrix.

Business Plan P&L

We know that in the first year our goal will be to sell five chargers through our e-commerce, plus the ten chargers to provide service by the application. The two models of service proposal, bring great differentials with what is already available in the Brazilian market, in which it will be the first e-commerce focused on the sale of charging stations, with the best product on the market in terms of technology and design, in addition to price 65% below the main competitor that is Schneider, with sales value of $3,775 each shipper.

The loading station business will be the second to be launched in the Brazilian market, competing with the Portuguese company EDP. Contused, it will be the only one in the market with application that collaborates with the good experience and convenience of the user who wants to load his car. One of the strategies for launching this service will be the trial (Trial), where the user will have the benefit of testing the charging service for a month at no cost, after that test can still contract the service with lower market loading price, arriving to be 15% below the price of EDP, based on the values ​​pointed out by Bracier on EDP’s business in Brazil.